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II. Summer Research

III. How to prepare GRE

IV. Graduate School

V. Others

VI. Core Competencies Self-Assessment Checklist from NPA (link)

VII: Online MS degrees with funding sources (link)

 VIII. Online College Student's Guide to Success (link)  IX. A College Student's Guide to Test Preparation ( link)  



A Powerpoint presentation prepared by Fellowship Center at GWU for find a REU program (PDF)


Current NSF REU sites in Biology (

Summer internship (REU sites) at Ecophy, Duke University:

NSF REU website (

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**** Updated 2012 ***

Some Ecology and Environmental Sciences REU and other research programs


A. Nebraska - Summer Research Program, online application . Priority Review due: 2/15/2012, all application Due 3/1/2012.

B. Chesapeake Bay. , Applications due: February 28, 2012

C. Environmental Health Research Experience Program (EH REP) at the University of Washington Seattle: , Due: February 15, 2012.

D. Summer Biological Research Technicians, NAU, Due: Feb. 20, 2012

E. REU opportunity at MBL, (Detail) Due: Jan 30, 2012

F. Student Research Assistant in Global Change Ecology, USDA Grassland Soil and Water Research Lab, Temple, TX (Link)

G. Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) position to work on Lake Tanganyika, Africa, University of Wisconsin, Feb 5, 2012 (Link)

H: NSF-REU in Soil Isotope Ecology at Colorado State University , Feb. 3

I: REU: Plant-herbivore interactions and chemical ecology, Univ. WI

J: Biosphere 2 REU Program Summer 2012, Univ. Arizona, Feb 29, 2012.

K: K-State REU Site Program in The Ecology and Evolution of Changing Environments, March 1, 2012.

L: Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) -Tucson, Arizona, March 15, 2012.

M: Undergraduate Research Intern in Agro-ecology, Feb. 13, 2012

N: Coral Reef Conservation Summer Internship Announcement: Caribbean Area, Feb. 29, 2012.

O: REU Site: Biological Engineering Research Experience for Undergraduates (BE REU) , Feb. 15, 2012

P: REU Site: Ecology and Physiological Ecology in Alaska , Feb. 10, 2012              

Q: DC internship <Flyer> <application>

R: Summer Internships at USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station COWEETA HYDROLOGIC LABORATORY, <Application> Due: March 1, 2012.

S: 50 Paid Internship at USFWS <more info>, Due date:?

T: University of Nevada, Las Vegas NSF REU site, Due: March 9, 2012

U: REU China, Alabama A&M, <PDF> Due March 16, 2012.

V: REU Opportunity Central New Mexico, Due: March 10, 2012

W: Biological Discovery in Woods Hole Summer Opportunity for Undergraduate Research, March 15, 2012.

X: , University of Minnesota, Due: Feb 15, 2012

Y: UNC REU program, Due March 1, 2012.

Z: University of Nevada Las Vegas REU Site: A Broad View on Environmental Microbiology at UNLV, Due: March 11, 2012

A1. Texas A&M Summre reseearch, March 9, 2012

A2. UTEP Summer program in Neuroscience, March 15, 2012

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a. REU: Alabama A&M, natural resource and environmental issues

b. REU: University of Illinois at Springfield

c. Position: Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)- Arctic

d. Ecology of Bird Loss REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates): The role of birds in forest regeneration on the Mariana Islands


2. Research Opportunities for Undergraduates at Uni. of Viginia

3. Seeking Students for the 2010 Sevilleta LTER REU Program

4. Undergraduate research internship in marine fisheries and ecological conservation at UNC

5. National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS) at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville


7. REU and Senior Thesis Opportunities at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

8. REU: Ecology, Evolution and Genomics of Grassland Organisms at KSU

9. REU Program in Costa Rica. Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS)

10. KBS REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) Opportunities for 2010

11. A Summer Research Experience at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest:

12. Graduate and Undergraduate Fellowships in Urban Forestry--deadline January 31

13. REU in Aquatic Chemical Ecology at Georgia Tech - summer 2010 announcement

14. Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program at the University of Akron

15. REU Summer 2010, Plant Biology and Conservation At Chicago Botanic Garden and Northwest Uni.

16. Biological Field Station, Fordham University

17. Tropical Ecology and Evolution ¨C Summer 2010 University of Puerto Rico

18. Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Plant-Insect Interactions summer 2010

19. Summer Student Researchers Unity College in Maine

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II. Summer Research and Internship Programs

1 Harvard University summer program

2. Paid internship at Chicago Botanical Garden

3. Internship at CBG

4. Internship at Maryland wetland

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III.  GRE Preparation Information

The official web site for GRE is Always check this site for the updated information. The information provided by the links below may be out-dated. But the general principles may apply.

You may find the preparation materials at


GRE test Prep at

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1. GRE Test Prep

2. The Basics of GRE Preparation: How to Prepare for the GRE Properly

3. Secrets of how to prepare for the GRE

4. GRE Preparation Tips

5. How to Prepare for the GRE to Increase Test Scores

6. All you want to know about GRE

7. A guide to passing the GRE .

The official web site for GRE is Always check this site for the updated information. The information provided by the links below may be out-dated. But the general principles may apply.

8. GRE Online Resources & Affordable Study Options for Graduate Students

How to Overcome Test Anxiety in College: Information and Tips for a Stress-Free Exam Experience




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1. Preparing for the GRE, by Dr. Nancy Alvarado

2. Preparing to take the GRE

3. GRE General Test Presentation

4. Preparing to Take the GRE

5. Taking the GRE

6. GRE Excellence

7. Welcome to the GRE!

8. GRE-Review.ppt

9. Graduate Record Exam Dr. Michael Radis

10. GRE bootcamp Presentation

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IV. Graduate School Preparation and Programs

1. Graduate School Information

2. Grad school application process and the GRE

3. Dr. Monica Basco's Psi Chi Lecture - Getting Into Grad School ...

4. How to Prepare Graduate Fellowship Applications [PPT]


6. How do I apply for graduate school and what grants ...

7. The Graduate School Preparing for Graduate School

8. You are applying to a grad school directly

9. Improving your chances of getting into graduate school

10. Tips for Getting into Graduate School

11. Applying to Graduate and Professional Schools

12. Applying to Graduate School: Suggestions from Dr. Davis (a ...

13. Graduate School Admission Tips

14. Graduate School Presentation

15. The 'Don't Panic' guide to getting into Graduate School:

16. Graduate School 101: Preparing for Graduate School

17. Lecture on Preparing and Applying for Grad School

18. Preparing a Successful Application [PPT]

19. Preparing for Graduate School Northern Arizona University

20. 6 Tips for Success in Applying to Grad School

21. GRADUATE SCHOOL Making Yourself Competitive for and Surviving ...

22. Applying to Graduate School

23. Graduate School - Applications

24. Preparing for Graduate or Professional School

25. Thinking About Going to Graduate School?

26. How to Get Into Nursing School: An Online Guide for Students:

27. How to Rebound from Nursing School Rejection:

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Graduate Program

1. Amazon-PIRE program

2. IIASA Young Scientist Program

3. NSF IGERT at Dartmouth College

4. NSF IGERT Uni. of Illinois, Chicago

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Career preparation

1. CV's and Resumes 2. Beyond the GPA & GRE

3. Advising Relationship

4. Is a graduate degree for me? (Powerpoint Presentation)

5. Maximizing Your Career Options

6. Graduate School - Funding

7. Graduate School Right for me?

8. So you're thinking of going to Graduate School?

9. A Perspective on Graduate School

10. Choosing_Career_and_Preparing_for_Graduate_School.ppt

11. Research Skills

12. Writing Statements of Purpose

13. Academic Integrity: Personality or Perception of Academic ...

14. Giving a Poster Presentation

15. Dissertation writing guide from Precision Consulting Company

16. Public health career guide in Tennessee

17.  Education & Teaching Career Guides (Another Link)

18. Resources on thesis writing:

19. Steps to Becoming an Early Childhood Teacher: and check out the Licensing Requirements in Tennessee:

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V. Other Helpful Information

1. ESA Seeds Winter 2009

2. Ecolog-L, a listserv for ecologists. Sign up

3. Biology job website


5. Online College Student's Guide to Success

6. A College Student's Guide to Test Preparation ( link)

7. EdD Resource:

8. Accounting Career resource

9. MBA in Accounting resource:

10. Dissertation writing guide from Precision Consulting Company

 11. Study-skills guide for healthcare students:

12. Accounting career guide:

13 Comparisons of each degree and how ADN and BSN grads can fast-track earning an MSN or DNP


14 Insights into nursing school affordability and the many types of funding available


15 Comprehensive guides to nursing specialties, including career opportunities, professional certifications, and a directory of academic programs




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